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There are times when you feel like you would like to play a game of blackjack, or try your hand at poker. You don’t want to go all the way to a casino because traffic is hell and all the overhead charges are murderous. Your friends are busy so they can’t make it to a poker night. So what do you do when you don’t want to travel or your friends are not around to give you company? Your best option is to play online casinos at home on your laptop, Mac or PC.

The online casino is a modern marvel that allows casino fans to enjoy the thrill of gambling from where ever they are at whatever time they choose. Online casinos are the virtual versions of land based casinos. They offer all kinds of casino games online. But online casinos have a whole lot of facilities, features and advantages that land based casinos cannot offer.

Convenience is an undeniable advantage. Since the casinos are online you can access them from anywhere you are and at anytime you like. You just need to log on to the casino website and you can play games instantly or you can download the casino software and play the games.

The other superb advantage is that a virtual casino can offer you infinite number of online casino play games. Land based casinos are bound by space limitations and can therefore offer you only as many games as they have space for on the casino floor. But online, such a limitation does not exist. Online casinos have hundreds of casino games to offer and keep adding new games to their already cumbersome collections.

Online casinos offer useful features like game rules and game tutorials. Some online casinos even offer players tips and strategies for various casino games. But one superb feature that online casino offer players is free games. Players can play free online casino games. Players can therefore give the games a test run first, get used to the game and the software and then play the games for real money. Players can even use the free games to learn the games well and improve their playing strategies. This is a feature that you can imagine at a land based casino.

The mother of all advantages that online casinos offer you is the online casino bonus. Online casinos offer players amounts of free money that wager or cash out (depending on the casino policy). When you sign up at a casino and make a deposit there a certain percentage of your deposit is awarded as a bonus in the form of free money. These bonuses add more money to your bankroll and therefore you can play for longer at the casino and perhaps even win more too. Some casinos allow you to cash out your bonuses up to a certain amount too. Online casino bonuses are a superb advantage that no land based casino can offer. Bonuses are offered to all types of players and not just restricted to high rollers or VIP players.

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